Share Your #GivingTuesdayHPL Story!



Have you heard of the #Selfie? Well the #Unselfie is the opposite of that! While the #Selfie is about ourselves the #Unselfie is about our community.

It's about giving back. It's about taking a moment to look around you and share why you care and why you give. Download our #unselfie card, print it out, write why you give to HPL and share it on your social channels! Use the hashtags #Unselfie, #GivingTuesdayHPL and #GivingTuesday so you can join the national conversation!

SHARE YOUR Houston Public Library Story

We all have our unique library story - that moment when our lives changed because of a character in a book, a librarian who showed us the perfect resource that we didn't know existed, that one library that made us feel like it was a safe place for us to be creative and to unlock our dreams.

We want to hear yours! 

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