We turn used books into vital library programs.


We believe in the important role our Houston Public Library system plays in creating an empowered and connected community. Through the efforts of our volunteers and partner organizations, we are able to process over 800,000 donated and discarded books each year!

It is because of this community commitment that we are able to host book sale fundraisers that make innovative, cultural and educational programming available for every Houstonian to enjoy. And in turn we make it affordable for every family and school classroom to have their own library because of our bargain prices.

Whether you're a book sale patron, a warehouse warrior, a literacy partner, or a future Friend, thank you for being a part of the magic!



For 63 years we have had the same goal: Support and drive awareness of our Houston Public Library.

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We need volunteers all year long to help us process books and raise funds for life-changing library programs!

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Your donated books make a difference in our Houston community and you will receive a tax receipt for your generosity. 

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